Trend Micro Kids Safety for PlayStation®Vita and Trend Micro Web Security for PlayStation®Vita have been designed specifically for PlayStation®Vita.To purchase this protection using a personal computer, please follow the steps below.

Make a purchase

Click "Buy Now"

Choose which service you want.

Enter the required billing information to complete your purchase.

Select the "Next button" on the "Thank you" page

You must now activate your protection.

Activate your protection

Access the Internet from your PlayStation®Vita and then open the Browser.

Tap Options button then select Settings menu.

Choose Security, and then select Trend Micro Web Security.

Click Activate by Serial Number on the window that opens.

Choose the service that you purchased and provide the serial number.

Provide the information needed to activate your protection.

Check to make sure that you gave the right information.

Trend Micro now protects your PlayStation®Vita.